Confirmed lecturers and program

Confirmed Lecturers

  • Lukas Gallmann – ETH -Zurich (Switzerland)
    Laser Technology for Attosecond Science
  • Mikhail Ivanov – Max Born Institute (Berlin, Germany)
    Fundamentals of strong field physics
  • Anne L’Huillier – Lund University (Sweden)
    Attosecond atomic physics
  • Matteo Lucchini – Politecnico di Milano (Italy)
    Attosecond solid state physics
  • Agostino Marinelli – SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (USA)
    XFELs General theory. Attosecond FELs and applications
  • Fernando Martín – Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spain)
    Attosecond molecular physics – Theory
  • Luca Poletto – IFN-CNR (Italy)
    X-ray optics
  • Pascal Salieres – CEA-Saclay (France)
    Attosecond metrology
  • Marc Vrakking – Max Born Institute (Berlin, Germany)
    Attosecond molecular physics – Experiments



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